quito: street photography as vacation by Garrett MacLean

in may of 2017, i spent some time in ecuador. for a week i walked through quito with a beat-up camera and a bottle of water, looking for lines, colors, shadows, shapes. just like my early days of living in NYC, when i taught myself photography by walking through new neighborhoods with a Nikon 2020 and shooting as much as i could. 

from boredom comes inspiration by Garrett MacLean

While working at the RNC in Cleveland, there was an expectation of chaos and mayhem, of a sea of protesters. None of that materialized. So, while trying to find something to shoot, I started using flash to take portraits of people in the noon-day sun, which created vibrant portraits, richly saturated. That choice led to the ongoing series i shot in 2017, which ended up being run in Mother Jones and BELT.  

These are some of the shots which came from that initial moment of inspiration in Cleveland:


on the road, between detroit and cleveland by Garrett MacLean

while working on a story for The Guardian, i traveled from Detroit to Cleveland, in the run-up to the RNC in 2016. I shot a series of images, landscapes and portraits capturing a slice of life found along the way.


ongoing, old and new by Garrett MacLean

After years of living with my old website, I'm really happy to have this new site, with a new design and updated work. I plan to use the blog to show work that I'm happy with, but not "deserving" of a permanent place on the main site, from single images to essays.

Such as this portrait of Marcus.

This is Marcus. While being homeless, he was in a dumpster which was then upended/loaded into a garbage truck (unbeknownst to the driver). As the truck compacted the trash, Marcus lost the lower part of his right leg. His story was told in an article in The Guardian, in an article cataloging numerous similar incidents. I shot his portrait to accompany the article.  Marcus currently lives in a recovery home just north of Detroit.