Portrait of the Day: Tim by Garrett MacLean

Portraits of the crew from the bachelor party getaway at a family cabin in the Adirondacks. Props found in the house include an old timey life vest, a stiff coil of rope, and an old jug of “moose milk.”


OCD in BCN by Garrett MacLean

Spent a week in Barcelona shooting shapes and light, let the ol' ocd run wild.

Photo of the Day: Pipeline Protester Stops Clear Cutting by Garrett MacLean

On the West Virginia side of Peters Mountain, a protester is sitting on a platform in a tree and has forced the Mountain Valley Pipeline company to stop the clear cutting they are undertaking in advance of drilling through the mountain. 

You can read the full story and see more photos here: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/may/26/tree-sitters-appalachian-oil-pipeline-virginia-west

West Virginia Pipeline Protest.jpg

Flint: 4 years later by Garrett MacLean

4 years later, and the residents of Flint are still dealing with the crisis. But now, Gov Snyder has decided to stop the free water bottle program. At the same time, he is allowing Nestle to pump 500,000+ gallons of water a day out of Michigan for the fee of $200/year.

I'm glad that profits come before people. As American as apple pie.


Portraits of the Day: Juggalo March, DC by Garrett MacLean

Some of the portraits I shot at the Juggalo March in DC, ones that didn't get published.

Portrait of the Day: Janae Marie Kroc, Transgender Bodybuilder by Garrett MacLean

I shot these portraits for a story in YOU Magazine on Janae Marie Kroc. She was fantastic in allowing me to mash up some preconceived notions for the shots.


Portrait of the Day (Guatemala City, Guatemala 2015) by Garrett MacLean

The main cemetery in Guatemala City is amazing, filled with audacious mausoleums and row stacked upon row of crypts for the lower classes, which sit at the rear of the cemetery directly above the enormous vulture-filled city dump at the bottom of the cliff. This gentleman plays songs for families visiting graves of the departed. Here he was resting in the shade of one of the normal sized mausoleums.

Documentary Work by Garrett MacLean

Images taken while working in Haiti, Nicaragua, Detroit, and Ecuador

Flag Leggings, Fez Hat, Melting Face Paint, and Pink Protest Dress by Garrett MacLean

More images from the Protest Portrait series:

quito: street photography as vacation by Garrett MacLean

in may of 2017, i spent some time in ecuador. for a week i walked through quito with a beat-up camera and a bottle of water, looking for lines, colors, shadows, shapes. just like my early days of living in NYC, when i taught myself photography by walking through new neighborhoods with a Nikon 2020 and shooting as much as i could.