Detroit Back Catalog by Garrett MacLean

I found this image from 2015 while looking for something else. Reminds me of a documentary I saw about the Ukraine. Maybe this becomes an urban norm, if we keep heading down the same road we’re currently on. Hopefully not.

OCD in SF by Garrett MacLean

In for SF for a quick 48hrs, but it was oh-sooooo 65 and sunny. My love for San Fran rekindled.

OCD in BOS by Garrett MacLean

Boston wanderings.

Old Phone Photos by Garrett MacLean

I never do anything with my phone photos, because i hate taking photos with my phone. and I don’t have instagram. that said, here are some of the random phone photos I actually dig.

OCD in LAS by Garrett MacLean

Streetscapes from non-mid-day walks around Las Vegas.